[lokisetup] Patches

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Tue Sep 7 18:54:40 EDT 2004

OK, I have committed both of these patches (with some minor fixes for 
memory allocated by xmlGetProp).

I ended up merging the first patch for promptoverwrite, so it is now 
turned on by default. I guess it is preferable behavior, and I can 
easily just add the xml attribute in the installers I have here that 
need that turned off.

On Sep 4, 2004, at 5:03 PM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> Stephane Peter wrote:
>> I have just merged in all of these patches, to the exception of the
>> promptoverwrite one.
>> The reason I didn't merge it is because I'd rather have the default
>> value to be "no" to preserve backwards compatibility with older setup
>> files. If you don't mind sending me an updated patch, I'll merge it,
>> else I'll probably end up doing it myself anyway...
> The problem ist that if it's not enabled by default then noone is
> going to enable it. Especially since existing setup.xml do not
> include it and new installers are probably created by copy&paste.
> Patch with reversed logic attached anyways.
> The patch loki_setup-lang.diff fixes display of localized tooltips.
> Atm only the english text is shown if it comes first in the
> setup.xml. Also supports required=false. image/setup.data/setup.xml
> should better be UTF-8. Unfortunately gtk1 doesn't automatically
> deal properly with encodings so either you have no umlauts (xml
> iso-8859-1, locale UTF-8) or garbage instead of umlauts (xml UTF-8,
> locale iso-8859-1).
> cu
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