[lokisetup] Patches

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Wed Sep 1 23:28:20 EDT 2004

I have just merged in all of these patches, to the exception of the  
promptoverwrite one.
The reason I didn't merge it is because I'd rather have the default  
value to be "no" to preserve backwards compatibility with older setup  
files. If you don't mind sending me an updated patch, I'll merge it,  
else I'll probably end up doing it myself anyway...

On Aug 29, 2004, at 4:53 AM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> Hi,
> patches are piling up here:
>   - loki_setup-closeproduct2.diff: another try to get rid of the
>     segfault
>   - loki_setup-ppc64.diff: make it build on ppc64. I didn't check
>     whether it actually runs though
>   - loki_setup-freesymlink.diff: fix minor memory leak
>   - loki_setup-gladefile.diff: load readme and license dialogs from
>     specified rather than hardcoded file (needed if loki-setup is
>     installed in the system)
>   - loki_setup-imagepos.diff: support for the splashpos attribute in
>     the gtk ui. glade has changed the xml file quite a bit but it's
>     really just a new vbox with the image frame and a dummy label.
>   - loki_setup-localedir.diff: use $SETUP_LOCALEDIR if set (for
>     system installs)
>   - loki_setup-promptoverwrite.diff: prompt user if the installer
>     tries to overwrite existing files (devoted to floam ;-)). The
>     prompt can be switched off by setting 'nopromptoverwrite=yes' in
>     setup.xml. To globally switch it on or off one can set
>   - loki_setup-lessuiupdates.diff: quick hack to reduce the load
>     caused by excessive ui updates.
> cu
> Ludwig
> PS: the German translation in CVS isn't exactly professional, some
> strings look more like a babelfish translation. Especially error
> messages are translated in a way to make them rather useless and
> confusing. For example it doesn't make sense to translate 'fork'
> (the system call) or names of xml tags.
> --  
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> <loki_setup-closeproduct2.diff><loki_setup-ppc64.diff><loki_setup- 
> freesymlink.diff><loki_setup-gladefile.diff><loki_setup- 
> imagepos.diff><loki_setup-localedir.diff><loki_setup- 
> promptoverwrite.diff><loki_setup-lessuiupdates.diff>
Stéphane Peter
megastep at megastep.org

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