[lokisetup] no files element bug(?)

Daniel Aleksandrow dandandaman at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Oct 31 05:09:00 EST 2004

> <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vegastrike" binpath="bin/vegastrike" keepdirs="yes">
>     bin/vegastrike
> </binary>
> -> searches 'vegastrike' in bin/ and installs it into
> /usr/local/games/vegastrike/bin/

ah, that makes sense now...and it works! :-D

just noticed though, the shortcut gets installed into an "Other"
category instead of "Games" (whether I specify "Games" or leave it to
default)... but I think this is probably a fedora core 2 gnome issue
rather than the installer?  hmm....heavy gear 2 installed in "Games"
though (and created games subfolders in "Preferences" and "System

is there a way around this, or do I just live with it?

Thanks again for all the help,


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