[lokisetup] uninstall script bug ... well, at least an undocumented "feature" ;-)

Daniel Aleksandrow dandandaman at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 11 21:57:09 EST 2004


We're working around this for the release, but it'd be nice to know if
it's even possible or not?


On Sat, 2004-11-06 at 11:13, Daniel Aleksandrow wrote:
> Don't worry Ludwig, I'm not quite as clueless on this one ... I know
> what is happening, just not sure whether it is intended this way ;-)
> I have two scripts which I added to the Music component, as postinstall
> and preuninstall/postuninstall (which of these two shouldn't matter).
> They are in the right place, and referenced properly (and are executable
> .. took me a bit to work out they needed this ;-) )...
> Indeed, when I install the component the postinstall script runs, and
> does what it needs to.
> But when I go to uninstall the component, the uninstall script doesn't
> run at all!  I know it isn't a problem with the script, as I then
> execute it line by line and it all works (the echo I have in the script
> never occurs when I uninstall).
> I wondered if it would occur at all, so I just ran the uninstaller
> without any arguments .... sure enough, the script ran and uninstalled
> (or at least tried to uninstall, cause I'd already removed them) the
> modified files.
> So, I'm guessing that the preuninstall/postuninstall scripts don't work
> for the component package like music is?
> If this is a feature and not a bug, then 1) why? and 2) how can I change
> it ;-)
> Thanks
> 	Dan.a

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