Making SSTSE compatible with Win32 Servers ??

relic2k at relic2k at
Fri May 28 21:16:24 EDT 2004

Hey Ryan;
     I am a big fan of SSTFE and SSTSE, both of which I
am madely addicted to. I have to use my wifes puter
though to actually play on the servers online. I am
well aware of the developement status for these ports,
and I have read everything coming across the dist list
     What I want to know is what would it take to
finally get these compatible and connectable with other
Win32 Servers, no one is running any Linux Servers. I
did run a dedicated Linux Server for a while, but know
one else seemed to join. 
     Is there specific network file that needs to
tweaked or changed to make this game compatible with
the online servers ? Please please please help me out
on this one :) 

- Relic2K

P.S. seriously seriously addicted to this one, and my
wife is starting to nag me about using her puter all
the time LMAO 
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Name: Making SSTSE compatible with win32 ??
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