Problem with scripts not adding to installed_bytes

Derek R. Gaston drgasto at
Tue Jun 29 09:50:06 EDT 2004

At around 866 of copy.c there is:

                rc = copy_script(info, node,
                        xmlNodeListGetString(info->config, node->childs, 1),
                        path, update, from_cdrom, msg);
                if (rc == 0 && sz) {
                    info->installed_bytes += atoi(sz);
                    size += atoi(sz);

Now - that looks good and all - but in practice rc is NEVER 0 - so a 
script never adds to the installed bytes.  Is there a reason for this or 
is it a bug?  Not only that but I'm not sure that "atoi(sz)" is going to 
do what we want (there is an M in sz so it needs to be converted like it 
is elsewhere).

If you tell me that it's wrong I'll fix it - I just wanted to know if 
maybe I was looking at it wrong - or if maybe there is another bug that 
is causing rc to never be 0 (it just comes back from run_script as 1).

Let me know,

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