Some checkins...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sat Feb 28 13:43:21 EST 2004

 - minor Mac/Carbon cleanups
 - No longer relies on GNU gettext (but needs it if you want
localization)...still, you can skip this if you just need English. This
is just a check for libintl.h right now and not a full blown
--disable-gettext option to configure.
 - Installations can be more than four gigabytes now...this is now held
in a 64-bit value. Individual files must still be less than four gigs or
the progress meter will probably flip out.

On the Mac, I still can't get a splash graphic in the installer if
running under Panther. It's failing inexplicably at HIViewFindByID(),
but works fine in Jaguar.

I noticed that Indiana Jones on the Mac uses loki_setup and doesn't have
this problem. I dropped Transgaming a line to ask if they have any
patches to give back that might solve this issue.


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