[lokisetup] script patch

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Thu Apr 8 19:00:56 EDT 2004

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your patch - I'm looking at it and will probably merge parts 
if not all of it in the main CVS tree. You may want to contact me 
directly in the future for patch submissions, too. I'm maintaining 
loki_setup at the moment, though Ryan is an occasional contributor, as 
you know he is very busy ;-)

On Apr 8, 2004, at 11:55 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

> Hi.
> I was working on a multi-cd installer that uses a script to copy some 
> of
> the files from the cds. The environment variable SETUP_CDROMPATH wasn't
> always being set because the installer always outputs the top of the 
> cdrom
> list. So when you're on cd 2 it tries to print the mount point for cd 1
> which is NULL when you're working on cd2.
> I added a cdromid attribute to the script command so one can say which
> cdrom the script is operating against. So if a cdromid attrbute exists
> I save a pointer to the head of the list, then seek to cdromid in the
> cdrom list, then call the script and finally restore the pointer when 
> the
> script exits.
> While I was at it I added 2 more attributes: size and message.
> Size lets you indicate the amount of data that the script installs 
> itself.
> Message lets you replace the "Running script" message with something 
> slightly
> more useful to the end-user.
> The installer I was working on used Microsoft cabinet files. Rather 
> than
> porting cabextract to a setup plugin I call it from a shell script 
> instead.
> Since the majority (90%) of the files are in .cab files the total 
> installed
> progress bar was about 5% during 95% of the installation. So instead 
> with
> the size message at the end of each installation script the total 
> progress
> goes up a bit.
> A sample entry looks like:
>   <script cdromid="disc1" size="3504531" message="Installing Game.cab">
>    sh setup.data/install-cabGame.sh
>   </script>
> I wasn't sure where to submit this so I figured I'd start here rather 
> than
> bugging Ryan about it, he seems busy enough.
> rob
> <copy.diff>
Stéphane Peter
megastep at megastep.org

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