Problems and Mandrake 9.1RC2

Henrik Nordhus hnordhus at
Fri Mar 14 09:03:13 EST 2003

After I installed Mandrake 9.1RC2 I can no longer use loki_update (last
version built by Loki), it fails with:

./ line 60:  6077 Segmentation fault      loki_patch --verify
The program returned an error code (1)

This happens whether I try to update a loki title or something else (like
UT2K3) with it.
 The latest Mandrake uses glibc 2.3.1, kernel 2.4.21 and gcc 3.2.2, I suppose
glibc is to blame here.

I've tried getting your CVS loki tools and compiling that, but have so far
 not been successful in that, even though I have all dependencies installed
 (even libares, which seems to only be in use on debian-distros).
Next time I try I'll send a detailed descriptions on (all the reasons) why it
fails, at the moment this is my plea:

I've seen that others have had these same problems on the latest Mandrake
 RCs, and it would not surprise me if it breaks on other upcoming distros
 either. Some games need the later patches to work well at all, others at
 least for playing online. Could you possibly put up some binaries, or at
 least some more comprehensive tarball releases of the source on icculus?
One idea would be to include updated loki tools with new installers from you.
(For instance the installer for SSam or Quake2 could also update the loki
tools for you). As it is now the source is too difficult to get to compile
for most gamers, even though it uses autoconf, so a binary release may be in

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