Creating Binary Startup files ?

Rellic2K relic2k at
Wed Jun 4 18:07:08 EDT 2003

Hey all;
	Anyone know where I can a TUT on creating Linux Game startup binary files ? 
For example, I want to create a binary file that will lauch UT2003 
(ut2003-bin). Is this part of the Loki Setup program ? I am NOT a programmer 
but would like to learn how to do this. I pretty much have the installers 
down packed now, and I would like to know how to port a game. I know that 
with UT2003, the ut2003-bin is the file that actually launches the game, but 
the actual script that is created by running the installer is the ut2003 
(shortcut).  Thanks all.
Virginia Beach, AV
relic2k at

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