[lokisetup] snapshot/release question

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Mon Jan 27 20:08:56 EST 2003

There hasn't really been an official release since Loki's demise.

However, I am planning to put together a 1.6.x release soon-ish, maybe
after the OSX port gets merged (if that gets done quite soon).

In the meantime, CVS seems to be quite stable.

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:43, Chris Thielen wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I've never had a problem with loki_setup before, but with various
> patches applied to CVS and CVS being the only place to get the code, I
> was wondering if snapshots or releases of the loki_setup tools existed,
> or are planned to exist, or is CVS considered to become better with
> every patch?
Stephane Peter
Sr. Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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