[lokisetup] Patch for checklist.c

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Apr 12 02:39:43 EDT 2003

> That doesn't surprise me... I have noticed that I can no longer produce
> portable static binaries from my old Redhat 6.2 build box that will work
> on newer distributions. Something got screwed up recently, but
> unfortunately I have to resort to at least depend on libc (which is not
> that bad).

Apparently in a static binary the (statically linked) runtime init code
will dlopen() another related library, and this is where the crash occurs.

Not that is matters, but that's what's apparently causing the crash.

Someone should write a shell script or something that will take a
patchfile, replace the loki_patch binary with a glibc 2.3-compatible one
and run it from there, so we can at least say "oh, here, download this

   sh ./patchhack myactualpatch.sh.run

(or something.)


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