[lokisetup] Patch for checklist.c

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Fri Apr 11 21:35:03 EDT 2003

I'd rather not touch the dialog library code if possible. This will make
things easier when merging updates.

Rather, I'll commit a similar fix that adresses this issue at the
dialog_ui.c level...

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 11:34, John Quigley wrote:
> In the console installer, if you try to reinstall something that is already 
> installed, and there are no remaining installation options, it will display a 
> dialog with an empty list then crash when you hit a key.
> This patches fixes that by displaying a informational dialog when there are no 
> options, and exiting the install.

Stephane Peter
Sr. Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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