[lokisetup] minor bug report.

Stephane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Fri Oct 4 22:45:03 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 18:40, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > By the way are you sure you are not looking for the "nobinaries"
> > attribute for the root <install> tag ? That's effectively what it does.
> Shit! I missed that.
> > I guess ideally setup should scan all binaries to find out if any
> > symlinks can be installed, but that's the current way of doing it.
> Yeah. Can we deprecate nobinaries and just do this?

Eventually, yes. I was going to do that today and then realized that I
would have to write yet another recursive function to scan the tree, and
I got lazy :P.

If somebody wants to submit a patch, I'll apply it, or I'll end up doing
it one day anyway... Hence why you should submit it in Bugzilla or I
might forget about it (and yes we use it! Bug count is zero currently,
Stephane Peter
Sr. Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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