[lokisetup] text installs with components are broken

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Mar 10 14:41:29 EST 2002

> As I had discussed with Stephane some time ago, I am adding some code to
> use per-component eula items. The problem is that in 1.6.1 it looks like
> the text mode installation will fail if there are components (segfaults).
> I'm not sure wether I'm gonna try to look it up, or implement that
> directly at option level instead of component.

Obviously, as a segfault, we should fix this, but I think that we should
start discussing how to decouple the interface from the implementation. I
feel like gtk_ui and the text-based ui are actually separate applications
that kinda-sorta-not-really do the same thing. Ideally there should be
interface-independent code that does the install stuff, and calls into the
front ends to interact with the user.

This would also let us get a Qt front end on there eventually, or a win32
version, blahblahblah.


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