more xsu patches

Timothee Besset ttimo at
Mon Jun 10 17:39:26 EDT 2002

Ok I tried to switch from my original xsu code to the new source. I found
a few issues, fixed in attached patch:

- if xsu is cancelled, it returns 2 (instead of classic 0 / 1 for success / fail)
  if xsu is cancelled, that is different than if the auth failed or the exec of xsu fails
  i.e. if NEED_ROOT is 1, this will exec setup as user
  whereas if xsu fails to execute or auth fails, it will try to auth with su

- modified some of the return codes handling in to work with this
(there were some situations were both root setup and user setup were

- replaced echo "$SU_MESSAGE" by echo -e "$SU_MESSAGE"
  (my SU_MESSAGE has \n in it etc. .. was this taken out for portability reasons maybe?)

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