My patches are in CVS

Stéphane Peter megastep at
Sun Jan 27 20:20:17 EST 2002

I just merged my personal tree for setup and setupdb in the
CVS. This is all work I did while working for Codehost, and is actively
maintained. This is temporary until we figure out what we're going to do
for hosting of this project, but in the meantime enjoy :-)

There are MANY bugfixes over the Loki release, and here is the relevant
part of the Changelog for setup :

Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Tue Aug 21 20:22:10 PDT 2001
 * Added distribution detection: "distro" attribute, SETUP_DISTRO
   variable in scripts.
 * Automatic selection of options using the "command" attribute.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Fri Aug 31 00:07:40 PDT 2001
 * Included the "dialog" source code and added a dialog-based UI.
 * Added the "superuser" attribute for root-only installations.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Fri Sep 14 00:41:04 PDT 2001
 * Added two optional installation classes, through the "express"
install XML keyword.
   'Recommended' is an express, non-interactive, installation based on
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Fri Sep 14 18:25:24 PDT 2001
 * Added the "require" element that allows to set prerequisites for the
   through the use of arbitrary commands.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Tue Oct  9 19:48:29 PDT 2001
 * Allow the 'arch', 'glibc' and 'distro' attributes in conjunction with
'files' elements.
Stéphane Peter (Codehost) - Thu Oct 18 00:29:40 PDT 2001
 * Added the 'gui' value to the 'play' attribute to binaries to specify
binaries that require
   an X11 environment to be able to be started.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Fri Oct 19 18:39:12 PDT 2001
 * Added the 'once' attribute to the global 'install' element, to
explicitly prevent multiple
   installations of the same product.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Tue Oct 23 11:48:32 PDT 2001
 * Support transparent pixmaps correctly for splash images.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Mon Nov 26 16:48:01 PST 2001
 * Allow the 'arch', 'glibc' and 'distro' attributes on all elements :
files, binaries,
   scripts and 'require' (to allow for very specific requirement
 * Extended the 'distro' matching with 'up', 'exact' and 'major'
matching policies.
Stephane Peter (Codehost) - Tue Dec  4 22:49:21 PST 2001
 * Added the 'binarypath' attribute to the root 'install' element to
specify a default
   binary path from the configuration file.
Stéphane Peter (Codehost) - Thu Dec  6 02:30:28 PST 2001
 * Added support for the Debian menus systems (update-menus command)
that is also
   used in Mandrake to install desktop menu entries.

Stephane Peter
Software Engineer
Codehost, Inc.

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