root package options?

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at
Mon Dec 23 14:43:26 EST 2002

I'm having a little trouble with the latest release of our CD and 
installer.  I've recently updated to setup 1.5.8.

If I run the setup from a normal user account, I get all of the install 
options ok, but obviously really should be root for the install.  This 
is ok and expected.

BUT, when I 'su -' and run setup, the Install Path control is greyed out 
and so are all of the Install Options  and I get a message at the buttom 
to: Please select at least one option, and I obviously can't because 
they're all greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong?


Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> (If this is still relevant...  --ryan.)
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 03:44:40 +0100
> From: Peter Chiocchetti <pch at>
> To: "icculus at" <icculus at>
> Subject: loki_patch
> hello,
> loki_patch from cvs wouldnt compile whithout a small change,
> regards,
> $ diff registry.c~ registry.c
> 52c52
> <         loki_create_option(component, "Base Install");
> ---
>  >         loki_create_option(component, "Base Install", NULL);

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