[lokisetup] UI Backend API for 2.0

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Dec 4 05:46:08 EST 2002

Looks good. Are you confident that text-based UIs will be able to
implement the corresponding API? Should the Qt/Gtk API be developed at the
same as a text-based API maybe?


On 03 Dec 2002 17:38:04 -0800
Stephane Peter <megastep at megastep.org> wrote:

> I'm writing a draft for the new API to write UI Backend modules in the
> next version of setup. Here is what I have so far (see header file
> attached).
> This pretty much comes down to abstracting down the pieces of GUI
> toolkit (GTK in this case) that we would need to recreate the dialogs in
> the current installer. Doing it this way would allow it to be separate
> from setup itself (say in a separate library shared with the other
> loki_* tools), but it has the downside of significantly complicating the
> console back-end to transform the description of a dialog into
> essentially a series of sequential questions.
> I'm thinking in the latter case we may want to drop it in favor of the
> dialog-based one. This one would also need a lot of work though, to
> support custom dialogs instead of the few ones part of the dialog
> distribution. Maybe we would then switch to another text-based UI
> library (I know there is at least a couple out there, forgot their
> name).
> Now that I think about it, I forgot to add the necessary things to
> support progress bars in this version...  Please ignore that ;)
> I also don't have a way to specify the location of a .glade (or similar)
> file, if we intend to still have that in the next version.
> Comments ?
> -- 
> Stephane Peter
> Sr. Software Engineer
> Codehost, Inc.

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