[lokisetup] xsu

Stéphane Peter megastep at megastep.org
Mon Apr 1 03:19:26 EST 2002

le dim 31-03-2002 à 23:44, Timothee Besset a écrit :
> You probably did a better cleanup job anyway, specially if you removed zvt
> dependency. 

Yeah. Also another thing I did was rewrite some of the Gnome functions
they used, like the pixmap loading function (allowing you to provide a
customized pixmap instead of the default "keys" icon). So with my
version the -i command-line option works :)
> The other things I can think about: 
> - Is this integrated with the build system? (I would say --enable-xsu or
> --disable-xsu in the configure step?)

Nope, right now it's always built and installed. That's probably a good
idea, although I guess that if somebody doesn't want to have the ability
to su, they could just remove the binaries from the image. The scripts
shouldn't choke on this.

> - How is xsu compiled? Static, completely dynamic as the original is, partly
> dynamic? In my version I just statically linked the tricky things and left
> X and Gtk as dynamic linkage to save some file size..

I kept it dynamic, although it can be built static. However for some
reason, it completely refused to start up when built static (lots of
very odd GTK+ errors before a segfault). But just depending on the core
GTK libraries is acceptable, as we are already doing this for the
setup.gtk binaries. So I think dynamic binaries are fine in that case.
It also allows themes and that kind of thing...
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