[lgfaq] Mohaa client petition

Colin Bayer vogon at icculus.org
Mon Aug 12 17:20:59 EDT 2002

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 wrote:
> Are you not under valuing the linux users? Yes, there are people believing
> in that but they surely don't like to install kylix & C. while they love
> to use the linux from scratch only! :-)

They (since they're downloading pirated software, remember) likely have 
broadband, and download ISOs of their favorite distro from the distro's 
FTP site.

Pirates also tend not to be of the coder caste (because they'd have an 
appreciation for the difficulty of writing code if they were), so they'd 
not be installing Kylix anytime soon.

Anyway, getting back on-topic:

Not every Linux user is a pirate (I'm not, for one).  It's just that 
there are enough pirates to ruin everything for everyone else.  If you 
could go up to EA headquarters with a few thousand people who would sign 
a legally binding contract obligating them to purchase a Linux boxed 
version of MOH:AA, they might consider doing a port.  But with the 
failure of Loki and the repeated condemnation from big corporate forces 
(Microsoft) that Linux is only ready for the server market, any client 
ports are (for the time being), as icculus said, charity first and 
business ventures second.

-- Colin

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