[lgfaq] Mohaa client petition

Colin Bayer vogon at icculus.org
Sun Aug 11 12:09:56 EDT 2002

Greg Gilbert wrote:
> * Colin Bayer (vogon at icculus.org) wrote:
>>1) Some Linux users are RMS acolytes, thinking that all software should 
>>be Free, and refusing to pay for software on principle.
> Just to be fair, this is people misinterpretting RMS. He does
> believe in paying for software, which is exactly how he funded the
> FSF in the early days.
> 	Greg

Yeah, sorry.  Realized that after the message was out the door. 
Proposed revision:

1) Some Linux users are stupid, and confuse the concepts of Free 
software and free software.  They believe that software should be free 
as well as Free, and refuse to pay for software because of this belief.


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