[jugglemaster] Moving JuggleMaster to github and new jmlib version

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Wed May 11 01:32:01 EDT 2011

On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 03:58:24PM +0900, Per Johan Groland wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm thinking about moving the entire JuggleMaster source to github. I think
> that will make it easier for future collaborators to add to the project. Any
> viewpoints on this?

Sounds good to me. I've been feeling pretty bad about the lack of
work I've been putting in for a while, and I really like the idea of
someone specifically motivated on it right now to take a more active

> Also, a couple of years back, I worked on a new version of jmlib that adds
> support for the JuggleSaver juggling engine and OpenGL 3D support (
> http://www.jugglesaver.co.uk/ - based on the xscreensaver module). The new
> jmlib switches seamlessly between the JuggleMaster and JuggleSaver engines
> depending on the pattern inputted (it supports both pattern libraries, so a
> ton of new patterns are added), and either can be juggled in 2D or 3D
> (JuggleMaster now calculates spin, so it can do clubs too). There is also a
> new sqlite-based pattern library module.

Awesome beans

> There are still some bugs left, but overall everything has been working
> pretty well for me. Since I don't have time to work more on it in the
> foreseeable future, I think its time to merge everything to trunk. I'll tag
> the current version as 0.4, and this new one will be 0.5

Works for me. I haven't tagged a release in a long time, and checking
the changelog recently there was a bunch of stuff that really deserved a

Gary (-;

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