JuggleMaster ported to JavaScript

Per Johan Groland curwenx at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 12:16:41 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have just added a port of jmlib to JavaScript to the SVN repository.
With it you
can have JuggleMaster running inside your web browser. To test, just
open jugglemaster.html which contains a test implementation.

The test implementation uses the canvas tag to draw the juggler, so
you'll need a reasonably new browser (Opera 9, Safari 1.3, Firefox 1.5
or IE 6). I've tested on Windows and Mac OS X where applicable. Should
work in Linux also.

For now, only the core jugglemaster library (jmlib.js) and the
siteswap validator (validator.js) have been ported. I'll add pattern
loading and hopefully also random pattern generation later (if I can
find a nice way of porting all the C-style string manipulation to

I've also added a beta version of jmwidget, which is JuggleMaster
running as a widget using the new jmlib-js. It runs in both Opera 9
and Dashboard (but works 100 % only in Opera for the time being.) Its
still in a very early stage, which means that only entering siteswaps
and changing the style will work.


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