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Per Johan Groland per at jugglemaster.net
Fri Jun 17 22:45:59 EDT 2005


Just got this question from jon at gravikus.com. Figured I'll
forward it to the mailing list, since I'm not very updated on
what changes have been made to the pattern file lately.


Being an old user of the original Jugglemaster for DOS I just downloaded
and compiled the new Jugglemaster from CVS on my Linux x86_64 machine when
I became happily aware someone portet it. Compilation went without any
serious problems.

However, I notice that many of the default patterns are done at
ridiculously low heights when loaded in jmdlx. For instance, the '7 balls
Volcano A' is done at chin height. This

a) makes it difficult to see what is going on.
b) is just wrong. No juggler would do the pattern this way.

I do not know what is going on, but changing the HR value in
~/.jugglemaster/patters.jm makes the patterns look more realistic (for
some reason they were commented out). Meddling with different HR values
(as the global one) can create som proper looking patterns, although I
have not managed to get them all look good.

Is this a know issue?

Best regards,

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