Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Thu Sep 2 12:30:32 EDT 2004

Released last night. From the ChangeLog:

Version 0.4
 - all: Makefile voodoo
 - jmqt: initial add
 - jmlib: Added patterns.h and patterns.cpp, which parse pattern files
 - data: Added some style data for completeness
 - jmdlx: Added printing mpegs. Thanks to luap for the color stuff.
 - jmdlx: Added printing images
 - jmdlx: HUGE list of fixes and changes from arkanes in #wxwidgets
 - jmdlx: Added Visual Studio build stuff, also arkanes
 - jmpocket: initial add
 - jmlib: minor jmpocket compatability fixes

Gary (-;

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