future development

Barton Chittenden tiger at iglou.com
Thu Jun 10 19:23:45 EDT 2004

Couple of things have been rolling around in my head:

1) It should be pretty easy to create pov-ray animations of juggling 
patterns... it certainly wouldn't be any harder than PostScript...

Well let me qualify that ;-).

It might be harder to do it *right* but I think that we could come upup 
with a reasonable first approximation. Doing it right would require 
working through the 3 dimensional movement of the arms... which is 
something we're going to have to do at some point to eliminate the arms 
crossing through each other... but in the mean time, I think that it would
be reasonable to say that the hands are... oh, let's say 40cm in front of 
the body.


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