Mills Mess State Diagram

Barton Chittenden tiger at
Sun Jun 6 19:39:23 EDT 2004

Charlie Dancy's "Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling" contains a method of 
notation for mills mess type patterns, called a "Mills Mess State 

The basic idea is that there are states that are determined by how the 
hands are crossed (left over right, right over left or uncrossed), which 
hand is throwing (left or right) and what type of thow is being made 
(cascade or reverse cascade).

It turns out that a lot of the twiddly patterns that we like to juggle 
(mills mess, burke's barrage, rubenstein's revenge) fall into this 

I've always wondered how hard it would be to figure out combinatorially 
all of the possible states/patterns for a given length of pattern, and 
then how hard it would be to translate that to a jugglemaster style 
(especially because jugglemaster has no concept of hands "crossing over" 
vs. "crossing under".


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