[hge] What version of libpng does the current revision use?

Benjamin Heath benjamin.joel.heath at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:25:39 EST 2012


To get hge-unix to compile, I changed src/core/CxImage/ximapng.cpp so that
it used png_info->trans_values instead of png_info->trans_color, and
png_info->trans instead of png_info->trans_alpha. Having never worked
directly with png.h before, I based that on the advice in this blog entry:

The current version of libpng that I have is (from PNG_HEADER_STRING) "
libpng version 1.2.46 - July 9, 2011", which apt-get tells me is up to date.

Other than that and the tutorials, it seems to work great. :) Although a
'make install' option would be nice.

Hope that helps anyone using or updating hge-unix. :)

Respectfully submitted,
Benjamin Heath
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