[Gtkradiant] New build GtkRadiant-1.6.5-20180806.zip

Timothee Besset ttimo at ttimo.net
Sun Aug 6 18:35:31 EDT 2017

Hey everyone!

New build uploaded:

Make sure you have the runtime installed:


   - A lot of deprecated gtk code refactored for cleaner 2.x support and
   future 3.x
   - A lot of static analysis and compilation warnings addressed, towards
   cleaner, more stable code
   - Fix link in about dialog
   - Multiselect in Entity Info dialog
   - New texture directory list (see new options in Settings to configure)
   - Fixes to image loading, better fallbacks
   - New icon for Hollow Touch in toolbar
   - Fix to focusing entities in 2D views from the Entity List dialog
   - Prevent users from deleting the classname key in entity dialog

Thanks to Pan, Mateos, Ensiform, jdolan, everyone else who has been
contributing fixes and improvements!
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