[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant 1.6.5 updated build - 20170422

Timothee Besset ttimo at ttimo.net
Sat Apr 22 20:25:27 EDT 2017

New build, with a lot of fixes and some new stuff from Pan:


    - Lots of internal refactoring to newer Gtk APIs
    - Fix 'editor sleep during compile' function
    - Don't create a minidump for debug builds
    - Make scale dialog and arbitrary rotation dialogs apply on 'Enter'
    - Add a beep on save
    - Bind F1 key to help
    - Some work towards i18n
    - Fix a crash when using the 'axial' button
    - q3map2: don't store lightmap if the last bounce computation ran empty.
    - Added more quake2 support configuration options
    - Improvements to surface and bobtools plugins

Great work Pan!

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