[Gtkradiant] Updated 1.6.5 build

Timothee Besset ttimo at ttimo.net
Sun Apr 24 18:25:45 EDT 2016



Updated build is up. Latest changes:

- Editoir will write out a dump file in case of crash. Code contributed by
Pan .. thank you!
- Fixed some short alloc, heap corruption issues in q3map2.exe
- Fix editor crash when rendering models in camera view (
- Fix some bspc bugs (short alloc/heap corruption as well - contributed by
viciious from QFusion)

We have a few bugs that need to be verified and updated for this milestone,
and some simple features that we should still write in.

I would like to post an update on the website if this build checks out, and
promote the gratipay a little more (https://gratipay.com/gtkradiant/).

Obsidian are you around to help with that?

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