[Gtkradiant] Converting q1 maps to q3

Cobalt cobalt at tekbotctf.com
Fri Mar 13 17:40:52 EDT 2015


Im back on this list again after leaving it a while ago because there was no 
support on the old q1 style BSP maps.

I recently decided I want to convert all the stock q1 ID maps to Q3 for my 
DP mod. The people in the Quark forums said to import the .map in when in q3 
mode, which I did, and was able to then save the map in the q3 format. I was 
told to next compile in Netradiant. I already still had GTK installed, so I 
tried with that in a compile mode that was something to the effect where it 
tried to salvage the light? It did compile and the conversion was more or 
less not a total failure, as apparently I didnt have all the textures pathed 
properly (Im intending to use the .tga type textures from the QRP Quake 
retexturing project).

I also realized I have Netradiant because I also have Nexiuz. Would there be 
a difference using this over GTK ? Also since q3 format dont use texture 
wads, how are they placed in directories with regards to the radient 

Also the water and skies are compiled as solids, and I am told these have to 
now be shaders. I am new to q3 type mapping, but there is some pretty water 
packs for DP that you merely drop in as pk3 files and they take care of the 
rest, so how would we take these brushes that are being incorrectly compiled 
as solid and get them to compile correctly? Any help appreciated.


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