[Gtkradiant] Permission errors (2)

bebo_sudo bebo.sudo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 06:11:45 EDT 2013

Hi all folks,
I still am going to write about packaging gtkradiant for fedora.

Referring to the last mail I sent at the ML about the permission errors 
[1], I searched in github the relative code [2] and I think the "bug" is 
around the 71th line of this [3] or this [4] file (which are equal?):

         /* write it */
         Sys_Printf( "Writing %s\n", filename );
         Sys_FPrintf( SYS_VRB, "(%d bytes)\n", bspEntDataSize );
         file = fopen( filename, "w" );

         if ( file == NULL ) {
                 Error( "Unable to open %s for writing", filename );

I'm not a C programmer and do not know how difficult it would be to 
create a shortcut (a symlink, or something else) to the user home 
instead of writing in the containing folder, but if there's someone 
who's able to solve this issue I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks anyway,

[1]: http://icculus.org/pipermail/gtkradiant/2013-February/011841.html
[3]: tools/quake3/q3map2/exportents.c
[4]: tools/urt/tools/quake3/q3map2/exportents.c

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