[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant 1.6 Fedora installation Instructions

Daniel KroniK kronik.icy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 23:04:11 EDT 2013

Spent several hours stumbling around trying to figure out the Fedora
dependencies. So I decided to make a Fedora install tutorial. Would someone
be willing to host this somewhere? Maybe on the icculus.org website?

*Fedora Installation*

*Installing Dependencies:*

yum install libxml2
yum install glib2
yum install gtk2
yum install gtkglext-libs-1
yum install mhash
yum install libjpeg
yum install zip

*Installing Radiant:

Download the latest build for
Linux<https://icculus.org/gtkradiant/downloads.html>in your home
Then open a terminal and run the following commands (replace USER with your

cd /home/USER/
tar -xvfz GtkRadiant*

You should end up with a GtkRadiant folder in your home directory. Move it
wherever you feel like putting it.
Then we need to create a start script. So in the terminal window, change
directory to wherever you put your GtkRadiant folder.

touch startRadiant.sh

Then we will need to open up the start script in a text editor. I will use

vi startRadiant.sh

Then you will need to enter text mode by pressing the "t" key. Then put the
following into the file:

cd /path/to/GtkRadiant #insert the path to your GtkRadiant folder here

Then to save your script simply hit escape and then hit Shift+Z+Z
Then we need to make the start script executable

chmod a+x startRadiant.sh

Now you can simply either open it by typing ./startRadiant.sh in the
terminal or simply double clicking that file in your file browser. you can
also create shortcuts that point to the script.
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