[Gtkradiant] FYI - new builds

Michał Hartliński skynet at data.pl
Tue Jul 3 10:08:59 EDT 2012

I have problems. I set up Radiant, and then crazy stuff happens and 
Radiant closes.



Maybe I do something wrong? I have not changed name of folder or anything.

W dniu 01.07.2012 01:51, Timothee Besset pisze:
> New set of builds:
> https://s3.amazonaws.com/GtkRadiant/GtkRadiant-1.6-20120630.zip
> https://s3.amazonaws.com/GtkRadiant/GtkRadiant-1.6-Linux-i686-20120630.tar.gz
> https://s3.amazonaws.com/GtkRadiant/GtkRadiant-1.6-Linux-x86_64-20120630.tar.gz
> (Mostly useful if you've been reporting/waiting on issues and some 
> code fixes went in that you didn't get a binary for yet)
> This is the start of 1.6.3 - QBall has started working on QL support, 
> and some work with the UrT gamepack and custom map compiler is 
> continuing. We also have a laundry list of smallish issues that could 
> be worth investigating. I'm thinking we'll need to do some kind of 
> assessment and flag some as worth looking at for the next release. As 
> usual, patches welcome.
> TTimo
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