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Timothee Besset ttimo at ttimo.net
Thu Jan 5 10:15:25 EST 2012

I think that would make sense if there were active developers.
Rambetter was the last active contributor, and I'm not sure if he
plans to do anything further with the current release. If he does then
getting a bug tracker up somewhere could be good.

My primary goal at this point is to safekeep the source code and the
1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 release lines somewhere. I just don't have the time or
interest to further the development at this point. There is a number
of forks of this code, I would like to keep track of them and have
this list act as a general hub if that makes any sense.


On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 4:27 PM, ailmanki <ailmanki at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good day
> I would like to request a bugtracker for GTKRadiant. A single place where
> bugs/features are collected.
> Maybe a ticketing system or Bugzilla, it does not matter which kind of
> system, just one which allows to collect these things.
> Thanks
> ailman
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