[Gtkradiant] Bug: Floating windows hide popups

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Tue Sep 13 12:41:44 CDT 2011

  On 13.09.2011 17:42:22, Willi <willi at schinmeyer.de> wrote:
>  I did some testing. It seems to indeed be a GTK Bug, I could 
> reproduce it in a simple test application. In this program, "Unrelated 
> Window" is always behind "Child Window" - I'll try a newer GTK version 
> (later).
I get the same behaviour in GTK 2.24.0 :-(

One workaround is setting all dialogs to be transient, i.e. always in 
front of the main window (and frankly every other radiant window) - 
though I can't figure out how to do it for the Surface Inspector (or any 
other plugin windows). Meh.

A different workaround would be making the floating windows 
non-transient (there's already a commented-out if clause for that in 
create_floating()), I think personally I'll use that as a workaround, 
though the main window mustn't be fullscreen then. I'll go for that though.

- Willi

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