[Gtkradiant] Forgets window placement, causes tiny window sizes

Obsidian meridanox at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:16:04 CST 2011

ZeroRadiant_Win_2011-03-03, Windows 7 x64

Sometimes, ZeroRadiant will cease to remember window placements and
cause some windows to be resized to minimum dimensions. It seems to
occur when editing window layout in Preferences. I'm not sure exactly
what causes this behaviour. Reported by cityy, and I was able to
reproduce once or twice, but unable to to so consistently.

Command window reports errors on startup (see attachment).

local.pref in ZeroRadiant\installs\Q3Pack\game\ becomes corrupt. Doing
a difference comparison between a working local.pref and the broken
one shows negative values on saved window dimensions (also included in
attachment). Deleting/resetting local.pref restores the error until it
is triggered again.
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