[Gtkradiant] First time running 1.6, takes over a minute/fails to start up.

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Tue Mar 8 06:11:50 CST 2011


On 04.03.2011 05:29, Obsidian wrote:
> rfx (aka mfn) did some work on that fork of Radiant a little while
> ago. He stopped work on it a while ago, but perhaps he might be
> prodded into contributing in small ways?

currently I'm not looking into anything GtkRadiant related, but this was 
mainly due the build system not working on Windows. It seems Nerius 
fixed all that, time to revisit. But anyway I'm not a Windows Developer 
guy at all, I merely had to use it; too much black box as Nerius already 
said. At that point I can't even say if I will start doing things again.

- Markus

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