[Gtkradiant] Compiling libxml2 for Radiant

Rudolf Polzer divVerent at alientrap.org
Fri Jan 28 00:08:20 CST 2011

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 09:58:42AM -0800, Nerius Landys wrote:
> Is the libxml2 in NetRadiant compiled with iconv and threads?
> Are you including some kind of iconv.dll with NetRadiant?
> Is your libxml2 using pthreads or native Windows threads?  Do you include a
> pthreads dll, or how did you have it use native Windows threads during the
> compile?

No idea. I didn't specify any of that when compiling.

I have no libiconv2.dll.

The only thread-related function from a DLL it imports is GetCurrentThreadId
from kernel32.dll.

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