[Gtkradiant] Can I remove JAPack?

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 17:47:49 CST 2011

As part of the build process (the SCons "setup" target in particular),
Radiant includes game packs for certain games by default.
The game packs that are included in the Radiant builds are more or less
defined in this line in config.py:

  self.setup_packs = [ 'Q3Pack', 'UrTPack', 'UFOAIPack', 'Q2WPack',
'JAPack', 'ReactionPack' ]

If a game pack is not included there, it can still be "installed" later on.
The code above only affects which game packs are included with the default
Radiant build.

I would like to get permission to remove JAPack from the line of code above,
unless there is a reason not to remove it.  I particularly don't like JAPack
because it's nearly 40 megabytes of data, and accounts for _over_half_ of
the file size for the Radiant Windows build downloads.

Do I have permission to remove JAPack from the default Radiant builds by
modifying the line of code above?

- Rambetter

P.S. The second largest game pak is Q3Pack, which is under 6 megabytes.  The
remaining game packs are significantly smaller than Q3Pack.
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