[Gtkradiant] r406 - GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-math-fix-experiments/tools/quake3/q3map2

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Mon Jan 3 22:26:17 CST 2011

Author: rambetter
Date: Mon Jan  3 22:26:17 2011
New Revision: 406

- In SnapWeldVectorAccu() (in brush.c), raising error if any of the input
parameters are NULL (instead of just returning).  SnapWeldVectorAccu() is
going to be my next area of focus - much to be proofread there.

- Proofreading and changing FixWindingAccu().  Changes include for example if
a 3-pt winding is input, it always used to return valid.  Now, it keeps
collapsing close points until there is just one point left.  These changes 
have not been tested yet.

- There was a bug in the original FixWinding() where if a dup point was at
the end of the winding, it didn't remove it properly.  Fixed in
FixWindingAccu() (original function untouched).

- If any point is removed in FixWindingAccu(), the algorithm for removing
points is run from the beginning.  This makes things more consistent.

So right now I have to test to see what happens if FixWindingAccu() returns
a winding that has less than 3 points.  This could cause bad things to happen
such as segfault.  I just don't know yet.

Modified: GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-math-fix-experiments/tools/quake3/q3map2/brush.c
Url: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/viewcvs/radiant/GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-math-fix-experiments/tools/quake3/q3map2/brush.c?view=diff&rev=406&p1=GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-math-fix-experiments/tools/quake3/q3map2/brush.c&r1=405&p2=GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-math-fix-experiments/tools/quake3/q3map2/brush.c&r2=406

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