[Gtkradiant] imagehl - no plugin left behind act

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 22:24:58 CST 2011

I did an audit of all the plugin code in ZeroRadiant.  What I mean by
"plugin" is any directory in either contrib/ or in plugins/ .  As of
right now, the only plugin that is not being built as part of Radiant
is imagehl.  (And yes, the plugin set is the same in Windows and on

So, imagehl.  Should I try to include this plugin in the Radiant
builds?  I don't know much about it.  Maybe there is a reason it's not
included?  Maybe it secretly breaks other stuff?  Maybe TTimo knows
the history?  If it's a simple matter of adjusting the code so that it
compiles, I know it can be done.

The readme from this plugin is as follows:


Coding by Dominic Clifton - Hydra - hydra at hydras-world.com

What is it ?

This GTKRadiant 1.2+ plugin handles the loading of textures from .WAD files.
I'll refer to these textures as .HLW files, even though they don't have any
extension when they're stored in the .WAD file itself.

You need a VFS plugin to go with this plugin that can open and read .WAD files
My VFSWAD plugin does just this.

Developer Notes

The project file will copy the compiled DLL file and this .TXT file to
"$(HLRADIANTDIR)modules" so make sure you have that environment variable

For my GTKRadiant 1.2 HalfLife game pack files I use the directory:
"E:\games\HalfLife\Tools\GTKR12N".  Under which there are the directories
"modules" and "plugins"

Thanks to the guys that made Wally for releasing an example WAD loader.
without it this would not have been possible.

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