[Gtkradiant] Intel video chip, polygons "disappear"

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 19:00:41 CST 2011

A very nice guy emailed me the other day describing a problem; at first I
found his story hard to believe but in the end I was able to reproduce his

The problem happens only on Intel video adapters, and was discovered on
Windows (not sure if Linux has the bug).  The problem is that when the face
of a brush extends beyond the borders of the 3D window, the face disappears
and the brush essentially becomes wireframe.  So if you are looking at a
brush and zoom in very close, the face of the brush will disappear once the
corners of the brush go out of the view.

GtkRadiant 1.5 (and probably NetRadiant) don't have this bug.

Does anyone know the fix to this problem before I plunge into the code?  Is
it something stupid like turning off backface culling?  Rudolf, do you know
this one?  Can you pinpoint the snippet of code that needs to be fixed?

- Rambetter
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