[Gtkradiant] Compiled ZeroRadiant on Windows w00t!

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 03:21:30 CST 2010

Here is proof that I successfully compiled ZeroRadiant on Windows 7 just now:


Woot!  I have not tried running it yet however.

- SVN trunk from zerowing
- GtkR-deps-1.6-4.zip from zerowing
- Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
- Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Markus whipped up some instructions for me that made the process
easier, because I am a complete Windows nub.  His instructions were
clear to follow.

Now, I am at a step where I need to "copy dlls over".
What is the preferred way to do this?  I think Markus made a simple
dumb script for this purpose, but is there any official way to do this
that is in the form of some script or another in SVN?

Also, I know that on Linux you can execute an scons target that pulls
the gamepacks from SVN.  I'm familiar enough with what that target
does to be able to pull the gamepacks by hand on Windows.  However, is
there some automated way to do this on Windows?

I'm almost ready to create my first map using Windows!  Of course I
will also have to figure out the directory structure on Windows, like
where your maps are loaded from, where shaderlist.txt is found, etc.
On Linux, the preferred location for shaderlist.txt is
<game-folder>/<mod-dir>/scripts/ (although ~/.q3a/<mod-dir>/scripts/
works also), and the directory for maps is typically
~/.q3a/<mod-dir>/maps/, so I will need to hunt those locations down on
Windows.  If anyone knows the directory layouts on Windows off hand
let me know before I spend time hunting this down.

I plan to do some development on Radiant, especially fixing the most
outrageous bugs that have caused people to turn their heads the other
way.  One last question then.  Is anyone using ZeroRadiant on a Mac?
Is it supported on a Mac?  When was the last time someone compiled and
ran it on a Mac?  Would it make sense for me to find a cheap Macbook
somewhere to test changes against Mac as well?  Or is Mac being

- Rambetter

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