[Gtkradiant] some updates

Rudolf Polzer divVerent at alientrap.org
Fri Nov 26 06:55:37 CST 2010

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 12:25:23AM -0600, Timothee BESSET wrote:
> I've setup an amazon EC2 instance with MSVC Express 2008, and got
> things setup to compile latest radiant trunk on win32 again.
> Only major problem I hit was mhash, which is now more or less an
> abandoned project and doesn't have win32 friendly stuff available for
> download anymore. Since all we used was md4 and md5 hashing functions,
> I removed that dependency and extended the md5lib module in the
> Radiant tree to do what we need. The md4 implementation we use now is
> from dovecot's public domain implementation.

I had solved this issue in NetRadiant a while ago by using mdfour.c from
DarkPlaces engine (which is, apart from some platform typedefs, identical), and
changing the few MD5 uses to MD4 as the choice of the hash function did not
matter at all. My incentive back then was that I simply didn't want any "odd"
dependencies ("odd" being defined as "no other application needs this"). Only
remaining odd dependency is gtkglext, but it doesn't seem to be possible to
eliminate that easily.

Just FYI

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