[Gtkradiant] Favoring github

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Wed Nov 17 03:14:53 CST 2010


On 17.11.2010 02:15, Nerius Landys wrote:
> Markus a couple of question for you:
> 1. Are you using ZeroRadiant for your mapping projects now, or another
> branch?  I'd kind of like to know how involved you would be in attending
> to fixing issues.  I am actually going back through the Radiant email
> archive and there seem to be many issues that you fixed that are not
> committed to ZeroRadiant [yet].  I'm not saying they should be imported
> right away, but it may be wise to re-examine some of your earlier work.
> A lot of your patches were made for Windows-specific things and I don't
> think many of us can approve/disapprove your work because we're not set
> up on Windows?  I dunno, just a guess.  Anyhow I'm pretty sure that the
> goals of ZeroRadiant are to preserve the workflow and features of
> Radiant "classic" 1.4 and only fix bugs that are bigger than "minor".  I
> can say this, and I'm sure that whoever is in charge will agree with me,
> that we don't want ZeroRadiant to become another 1.5.  There is a reason
> why we're using ZeroRadiant.  It's proven technology and we're
> conservative in making changes.  Even where the code could use some
> major refactoring.

> 2. You set up a build environment on Windows, correct?  This is one of
> my projects for the coming few days but I am no Windows expert.  Will
> you be on IRC? :-)

I'm currently not mapping, but part of it is the frustration with the 
software (seems I'm quite picky about small things :p ). If it picks up, 
chances are I'm on again.

Apart from that, I'm willing to do the integration work which means I'll 
set me up an environment (Windows & Linux) and test things again. My 
tree contains bug fixes and changes, but that's the joy of using 
so-called topic branches with git: I can provide them separately and if 
deemed too radical, no one merges them and it's fine.

I can be on IRC tonight I think, I'm in, er.. CEST I guess (always 
getting confused with the time zones) or whatever Austria currently is 
in. Say from 19:00 CEST on I can be "there". I'd say in light of 
nostalgia, irc.quakenet.org would be very appropriate, we could hang out 
on #zeroradiant for example.

- Markus

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