[Gtkradiant] future gtkglext trouble: gdk_gl_font_use_pango_font(_for_display) API removed

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 02:59:10 CST 2010

OK guys.  I have a patch for getting rid of the gdk_gl_font_use_pango_font()
call, which is no longer in GtkGLExt Git.  See attachment.

I have not committed this code because i'd like to proofread it myself, and
get your [meaning y'all] feedback regarding the comments in my code.  I do
have a lot of questions and concerns, which are all outlined in the

Some points regarding this patch:

- I tested before-and-after performance when editing a very large map with
tons of entities, and having "View" -> "Show" -> "Show Names" turned on.
The perceived performance remains unchanged based on my experiments.

- I'm not using OpenGL call lists to render the text.  This is a first pass,
and I wanted to get things correct first.  And make sure this works on every
platform.  Call lists may not be necessary since the performance does not
seem to be worse than before.  However, adding text to your entities does
[and did] slow the rendering down considerably.

- Also added these calls to top of main():
    gtk_gl_init(&argc, &argv);
    gdk_gl_init(&argc, &argv);
According to the reference manual these calls should be made.

- Using font ascent to calculate placement of coordinate string at top of
grid view.  This avoids the number being clipped off at the top.

- Tested on Ubuntu 10.10 and on Debian Lenny (5.0).

To test the patch, go to your your ZeroRadiant source directory and type:

    patch -N -p0 < /path/to/gdk_gl_font_use_pango_font-remove.patch
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