[Gtkradiant] Patch for saving in Windows Vista and later?

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Sun Nov 14 09:08:53 CST 2010

  Since there actually seem to be people who can commit here I decided 
to re-"commit" my "patch" from 8 months ago.

Back then I had figured out why saving doesn't work in Windows Vista & 
Windows 7 but lost the sources in April and now I only have my old mail 
which didn't include a diff, just instructions.

Based on those instructions I tried reconstructing the changes. 
Unfortunately I can't get the source to compile on Windows (problems 
with dependencies) so I'd like someone else to see if this fixes the 
problem. Or better: give me a guide to compiling. Diff is included this 

I repeat: I did *not* test this patch!

Willi "Mr. Wonko" Schinmeyer
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